I'm lucky enough to cycle to work through the King's Cross area in London every day; due to the epic works around St Pancras, there are routinely sets of lights out of action, so i've seen the effect of this proposal first hand. I regret to report that it doesn't work. Rather than any kind of lovey dovey jumpers for goalposts peaceful anarchy, it turns into mob rule: once a stream of traffic gets going from one direction, it keeps going, with cars from the other direction stacking up, waiting for a crack at the junction which may never come..

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Guys, stop arguing. In Russia, there was a case when local girl who hated Putin and was known as a liberal, atheist blogger (I can remember her name) slept with a famous Orthodox Christian fundamentalist Dmitry Tsorionov (aka Dmitry Enteo). Women have no strong political stance or principles.

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